Dr. Siegrist’s approach to patient care:bont-and-joint-treatments

  • Initial consultation to diagnose your problem and create a treatment plan. XRays can usually be taken with our digital machine at your appointment.
  • Most bone and joint conditions have several treatment options that can be combined and modified over time. The best treatment for you is based on your needs.
    • Rehabilitation Exercise
    • Braces and other tools
    • Medication
    • Injections
    • Surgery to correct a structural problem that won’t resolve otherwise
  • You could have a cortisone shot at the initial appointment, if indicated.
  • Follow-up in about 4 weeks to check on your response to treatment so far.
    • If you’re better, keep up the good work and follow up as needed.
    • If your problem continues, you might need additional testing (like an MRI or nerve tests, depending on your diagnosis) or treatment (like physical therapy or surgery, or referral to a colleague, if your problem is beyond the scope of my practice).
  • Future follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed to monitor and treat your problem.

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