Click Here to download A Patient’s Guide to Elbow Anatomy

Dr Siegrist’s Approach to Patient Care:

  • Initial consultation to diagnose your problem.  XRays can be taken with our digital machine at your appointment.
  • Create a treatment plan based on your needs, including:
    • Rehabilitation Exercise on your own or with a physical/occupational therapist
    • Braces and other tools
    • Medication
    • Injections
    • Surgery to correct a structural problem that won’t resolve otherwise.
  • How much you’ll need, and how long it will take to feel better, depends on:
    • what’s causing your pain an how severe it is
    • your lifestyle and general health
    • how you expect your body to perform.
  • Follow-up in about 4 weeks to check on your response to treatment so far.
    • If you’re better, keep up the good work and follow up as needed.
    • If you’re partially better, then other treatments can be added or changed.
    • If your problem continues, you might need additional testing or treatment, like an MRI, EMG or surgery.  We’ll talk about what’s best for you.
  • Future follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed to monitor and treat your problems.