When you call to schedule an appointment, we will need to know:

  1. Patient’s name, date-of-birth, Primary Care Physician, phone number, email.
  2. What problem or body area needs treatment? Dr. Siegrist treats: hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, feet. Our practice does NOT treat: spine, back or neck pain, major trauma, joint replacements, fibromyalgia – consult your PCP.
  3. Is this problem covered by a claim on file with Worker’s Comp or motor-vehicle accident No-fault? If so, this requires a special process and the claim must be “clean” before an appointment is scheduled.
  4. What is your current insurance plan? Have your current insurance card ready. Read number from the back of the card. Each plan has different coverage rules that may change over time. Does your plan require a referral? (A number on file with the insurance company, get this from your PCP. Ex: Medicare-Blue replacement policies.) If referral number is not in place, your insurance company will make you pay more for the visit. Do you know if it’s a co-pay or high-deductible plan? Call your insurance company (phone number on the back of the card) to check your deductible and understand your costs. All co-pays, deductibles are due on the date of service.
  5. Are you being treated for any other orthopaedic conditions? If so, be prepared to tell us what, when, and by which doctor.
  6. Have you had any X-Rays, MRIs or other diagnostic testing for this problem in the past 2 years? If so, bring the reports with you or have them faxed to 585-730-6936 in time for your visit.
  7. At the appointment, don’t forget to bring your photo ID, insurance card, medication list, and any copay that is due. There is a $25 cancellation fee for missed appointments.