Help us help you: You know what your job requires, if your boss can offer restrictions and your company’s sick-leave policy.

  • If you are employed, we will discuss your work status at each visit.
  • You will get a note about your work status after your appointment.
  • If you need special forms to be filled out by our office, complete your section before submitting to us.
    • Each form requires a $10 service charge; payment is due before any paperwork is completed.
    • Please allow 5 business days after payment received to complete the form.
    • We will call you when the forms are ready for pick-up.
  • You fax/mail or hand-carry the note to the appropriate recipient. Our office doesn’t deliver these for you.

If your problem is being treated under Worker’s Compensation:

  • Know the rules:
  • Have a plan to return to work after healing.  See below for light-duty examples; can your boss offer this?
  • Worker’s Comp only considers you “totally disabled” if unable to do ANY work, not just your
    usual job.

    • By 6-12 weeks after injury or surgery, your “100%” temporary total disability will be reduced
      to “partial” disability (25-75%) and your benefits will be cut until you return to work.
    • Talk to your employer or the Worker’s Comp Board about this.

Be specific about what you need.

 Light Duty Examples:

Seated work with limited use of injured part
No repetitive use
No overhead work
Limited lifting/carrying _______pounds
Limit hours.No Overtime: ____________
Limited standing/walking
No climbing/squatting
Allow preferred parking
Allow use of elevator
No contact sports
Gym membership on hold