We use an electronic medical record by eClinicalWorks that ensures all staff have immediate, secure access to your chart whenever you call. The notes from your visit are faxed to your Primary Care physician within a day or two, ensuring that the right clinicians are informed of your progress.

Need a copy of your medical records?

  • Use the Patient Portal, call 585-271-4272 or mail or fax your request: 
  • State who is requesting the records and what specific records are needed.
  • Inform us of where, when and how you would like the records to be sent.

You, the patient, WILL have to sign a release form for your records in the case of:

  • Attorney requests. Authorization needs to be up to date, specifying the requested records and the dates of service start dates.
  • Middleman companies handling disability forms/records/payments for another organization.
  • Click Here to download our HIPAA Records Release.  Mail, fax or deliver this to our office.

You, the patient, WILL NOT have to sign a release form for your records if:

  • Physician office requests dealing with your treatment.
  • Patients requesting their own records be sent to another provider.
  • Insurance company requests whereby the company is paying for services rendered by our office.

Patient and physician requests: Records are faxed within two business days. Printed copies can be made for $0.75/page + postage.

Attorney requests: Records are printed at a rate of $0.75/page + postage with invoice payment required prior to records being mailed.