If Dr. Siegrist prescribes medication for you, please remember to discuss refills at your scheduled appointment.

If you call or use the Patient Portal for a medication refill:

  1. All prescriptions are now sent electronically to your pharmacy; which pharmacy do you use?
  2. What drug are you taking? (have the bottle handy)
  3. How much and how often are you taking it? In the course of a day, how many tablets do you take?
  4. If your last appointment was within the last 3-4 weeks, the prescription can probably be refilled. Please allow 2 business days.
  5. If your last appointment was more than 4 weeks ago, or the medication isn’t “working” or you’re having side effects, schedule an office visit to evaluate the problem and make a new plan.
  6. All controlled substance prescriptions are checked against the NY State Prescription Monitoring Program database.
  7. Patients who “lose” a controlled substance prescription need an appointment to discuss a replacement. If they “lose” this prescription more than once, or forge a prescription, the patient will be dismissed from the practice, and State Authorities will be notified.

If your pharmacy faxes over a refill request, we will call you to confirm and follow instructions as above before refilling the medication.

Long-term use of prescription NSAIDs and other pain medications are best through your primary-care physician, who can monitor your general health for side effects (stomach or kidney problems, high blood pressure…) and the medications’ effect on any other medical problems.