The scope of Dr. Siegrist’s practice is the elective, outpatient orthopaedic care of the extremities. She will provide a “second opinion” if:

  • You are currently our patient, being treated for another orthopaedic problem.
  • You are ready for surgery. Workup/conservative treatment already done by a non-surgeon and you need it fixed.
  • The doctor who is currently treating you contacts Dr. Siegrist about your “first opinion” with a specific request for her help.
  • Download this form to prepare for your appointment and get your thoughts together.

We do not schedule second opinions under other circumstances.

If you recently saw another doctor, but don’t understand your diagnosis, workup or treatment plan (“They ordered X and I never went back”), don’t jump ship! Follow up with your treating physician; write down your questions to discuss with that doctor or his/her staff. If your doctor thinks Dr. Siegrist can help, he/she can call to discuss your case.