SES-XRay-4-14Dr. Siegrist has intentionally focused her practice on elective, outpatient orthopaedic care of hands, shoulders, knees and toes (and elbows and ankles too!)    

Patients see Dr. Siegrist at each appointment (not a PA), and receive a comprehensive plan to understand their diagnosis, treatment options and time-frame to recovery.

She does not do: joint replacements, spine care, major trauma, pediatric care, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or similar conditions.  These cases are referred to colleagues who specialize in these areas; check with your primary care physician.

X-rays are taken with our digital machine at your appointment, saving an extra stop and co-pay, when possible.

Our practice is expert in handling Worker’s Comp and No-Fault cases, so there’s no delay in your care.


Tendonitis/Bursitis - Osteoarthritis - Ganglions/Joint Swelling - Fractures/Broken Bones - Sprains

Upper Extremity

Torn Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Impingement - Tennis Elbow DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis - Trigger Fingers - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Lower Extremity

Torn Meniscus/Knee Pain - Baker’s Cyst - Tendon Tears - Bunions and Hammertoes - Neuromas