Every insurance policy has its own rules about coverage, referrals and the like. Worker’s Comp requires unique handling. Our practice has special expertise in following their process.

Visit the NYS WCB website for additional information and to download relevant forms. To begin with you need to:

  • Notify your employer, in writing: when, where and how you were injured.
  • Fill out a WCB C-3 form.
  • If you have had previous injuries or treatment related to the same part of the body as the injury then you are required to also file Form C-3.3.
  • Send the form to the WCB; keep a copy for yourself.

How to Receive Medical Treatment

  • If your employer’s WC insurer has a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), you have to go there. Your employer’s WC insurer must tell you about these providers and how to use them.
  • Otherwise, our office is available to treat you (if your problem is within the scope of Dr. Siegrist’s practice.)
  • You can also complete our WC Claim Verification form with patient, incident and company contact information. For a minor injury (needing up to two doctor visits and one day’s absence from work) the employer may choose to pay for first-aid treatments directly. Find details at the WCB Website–Minor Injuries.
  • Send a copy of BOTH the C-3 form and WC Claim Verification Form to our office:
    • Fax to 585-730-6936, or
    • Mail or drop off at our office: 980 Westfall Rd., Ste. 105, Rochester, NY 14618.
    • Your claim will be verified with the insurance adjuster and we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment within 1-3 days.